Kingfisher Board of Education
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The Kingfisher School Board usually meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Board of Education Building located at the corner of 11th and Chisholm Streets in Kingfisher. 

Current members of the Kingfisher Board of Education are: Mr. Mike Copeland, Mr. David Diesselhorst, Mrs. Dana Golbek, Mr. Mark Squires, and Mrs. Carly Franks. 

The five members of the Kingfisher Board of Education serve staggered five year terms. One member of the board is elected each year, usually in February. Each member must be a qualified elector and must live within the Kingfisher School District within the sub-district he/she will represent. 

Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service. They meet at least once each month and may meet more often as needed. They are responsible for supervising the education program of the Kingfisher School District. To do this, Board members hire a Superintendent of Schools who is responsible for the day to day operation of the district.

The superintendent employs building principals and teachers with the approval of the Board. The superintendent must be certified by the State of Oklahoma and meet other requirements as established by law or the State Board of Education. 

Board members are unique in government in that their authority exists only while serving during an official meeting. As individuals, Board members have no power or authority; however, they are open to hearing from patrons at any time and will bring concerns to official meetings.

The Open Meeting Law of Oklahoma requires that all public bodies conduct their meetings in public, and patrons of the district are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings. Further compliance with the Open Meeting Law provides for the posting of the Board's agenda at the Board of Education Building at least 24 hours prior to a regular scheduled meeting, but agenda’s will typically be posted on a Thursday afternoon for a Monday meeting. The Kingfisher Schools Administration and the Board of Education welcome suggestions that are productive and have positive intentions for our students. Anyone requesting to be place on the board agenda may request a form from the superintendent at least 5 days prior to the next regular scheduled meeting.

During an official meeting, only those items listed upon the posted agenda may be voted and acted upon except in cases of emergency.