Sensible, Nutritious Eating as Kids Exercise Regularly and Successfully.

SNEAKERS is a federally funded grant awarded from the Carol M. White Physical Education Program, a division of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.

The Carol M. White Physical Education Program provides grants to local educational agencies and community-based organizations to initiate, expand, or enhance physical education programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Grant recipients must implement programs that help students make progress toward meetings standards.  The PEP grant provides funding for the development and implementation of physical education programs.  Funds are provided for curriculum development,equipment, teacher training, student fitness assessments, data collection and evaluations for the physical education program.

KINGFISHER SCHOOLS was awarded the SNEAKERS Program for the Period of October 1, 2010 - September 30, 2013 amount funded was 1,309,472 dollars.

Kingfisher Public Schools was the only district in Oklahoma to be awarded the Carol M. White Physical Education Grant in 2010.

 Oklahoma Statistics State;  

Adults Obesity - 29.5%, 6th worst in the United States

Diabetes - 10.1%, 5th worst in the United States

Inactivity - 30.3%, 3rd worst in the United States

Fruit/Vegetable Intake - 9.3%, 2nd worst in the United States

Kingfisher Public Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey Results; 

Only 19.4% of students are physically active for 60 minutes on a daily basis;

Over 55.8% of students watch 2 hours of TV a day, with 24.5% viewing 3 or more hours a day;

Only 6.85% of students report NOT drinking any sugar-added beverages, with 21.7% drinking two or more cans of soda as a daily routine;

Over 40% of students reported not eating green salad during the past 7 days, 54% did not eat carrots, and 59.2% did not drink milk on a daily basis;

SNEAKERS' Four Goals:

  1. Increase the percentage of K-12 student meeting the Oklahoma State Standards, for Physical Education and Nutrition;
  2. Implement a more focused physical activity nutrition, and health program;
  3. Implement a data system to track and monitor student success, and
  4. Provide additional professional development to Faculty Members.


Kingfisher Public Schools is committed to the SNEAKERS Program with the Community Based Organizations for a strong success through the education of Physical and Nutrition. Please guide through the conjunctive pages to see what is being done with this opportunity.